About Anastasia

Anastasia has been looking through a camera from a very young age as she documented life around her as well as her own life.   Having a zest for life and meeting new people.  She has a deep interest in challenging boundaries, steering away from the so called ‘normal’ that societies inculcate within us.  Her questioning drives and gravitates her to sometimes photographing the marginalised, stigmatised and in that breathe the ‘Vulnerable’ –  turning her representation into a somewhat positive, image of beauty.  “Isn’t Vulnerability a pure honest state of being”? ….she question.  “Are we our real/honest self”.

Anastasia has qualifications in Photography, Social Anthropology and a MA in Visual Anthropology, and is considering to do her Phd in photography, possibly in 2018 in the UK, as that is where she is based.   Her 2 evident styles are ‘Social documentary & Fine art’.

Below is a link to a featured article on Anastasia that was published in Melbourne Australia 2015 in ‘Neos Kosmos’ –  Do have a read.

LINK – Neos Kosmos-Article:feature



Tim Andrews – Dirty Old Man

Anastasia photographed Tim Andrews as part of Naked Britain as well as for his own project ‘Over the Hill       IMG_6527x copy






Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the ‘Naked Australia’ – click, on the bar menu.   ‘Naked Australia’ is growing!


An Article in support of the Naturists, females pond at Hampstead Heath,(NAKED BRITAIN, Image) London

A very successful ‘NAKED BRITAIN’ exhibition during Photo Month in Brighton, UK    11.10.2010


If you wish to purchase any images contact Anastasia directly or wait for the new link right here where you will be able to order online.  As well, will be showing more ‘social documentary’ and ‘fine art’

Anastasia:  +44 7796 635 571           Email: